Pilgrim’s Walk

Pilgrim’s Walk


When we walk it is usually to just get from one place to another. But there are other times we walk when the point is not so much the destination, but the walk itself. Walking is a great way to clear your head or work through a problem. Some walk for exercise and others walk with a friend for companionship.

Aristotle allegedly taught his students while strolling about. Sigmund Freud conducted consultations while walking and conducted a number of “walking analyses” in the evening times. If Steve Jobs wanted to have a serious conversation with you, his preference was to do it while walking. Harry Truman was a man who loved routine and one of those daily routines was a vigorous walk of a mile or two at 5 AM – wearing a business suit and tie.

One of my favorite gifts is a walking stick one of my sons whittled for me from a young dogwood. In the last ten years that stick has travelled with me along the mountain ridges of North Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

In the Gospels many things happened while Jesus was on the road with his disciples – healing, teaching, praying, feeding, and listening. One of the most beloved post-resurrection stories is his walk on the road to Emmaus.

This blog, “Pilgrim’s Walk,” is an invitation to join with me in our shared walk together as friends in Christ. Through stories, lessons, and reflections I want to walk with you as we discover how God is moving, working, and loving this world.

As Jesus was walking along…he said…”Follow me.” (Matthew 9:9)

Grateful to be on this trek with you,