And a Little Off the Top

And a Little Off the Top


While my head of hair is nothing to brag about, I am, all things considering, fairly easy going regarding my haircut. My “stylist” (stop laughing) does not have to ask me how I want my hair cut on any given day that I show up. It is always a little off the top, thin on the sides, and do something with that cowlick.


Before moving to Augusta my last barber took it upon himself to clip (I can hardly say this) my ear hair! Can nose hair be that far away? This dilemma has puzzled mankind (you women have other issues) as long as we have been stepping over dirty laundry: why is it that as we grow older we lose hair from the top, but grow more hair in our ears and nose? And while I am asking deep philosophical questions, if you break a cookie up into small pieces, does it have fewer calories? Where does the other sock go from the wash? Can a dog smile and if so, what is he (or she) smiling about? When one of my sons was a little boy he asked me what toenails were made of? I still don’t have an answer.


I guess I will have to deal with these questions another day. Still, it never hurts to ask. That’s how we grow. In fact growing in the faith is all about asking questions. The “whys”, “wheres”, and “hows” are how we deepen our relationship with God because it takes God serious enough to ask. Like smiling dogs, we may not get the answer right away, or at least the answer we expected, but who we are in Christ will certainly grow. I love this beautiful response of Job, after he had lodged all his questions (and complaints) to God: I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you (NRSV Job 42:5).


Take God serious enough to ask, to talk, and to listen. And then find yourself in community of faith that will do the same in worship. You are always welcome here in Augusta!


Grace and peace,