Holy Land Wanderings – Day 9 – Free Day!

A view from the Camel Cam

Today was our “free” day which meant to guided tours (or tour buses) and only breakfast and suppers was scheduled. In spite of having good intentions to sleep in, I was up and at it after six hours rest. Apparently everyone else was too because our folks were all having breakfast by 7:30.

I cannot speak for the others but I spent the day primarily wandering the streets of the Old City in Jerusalem. Most others were doing the same because I ran into folks I knew throughout the day. This was also a time to catch up on buying last minute knick-knacks. One merchant wanted to sell me an item that started out at $120. By the time I left his shop he sold it to me for $25. In another store a merchant wanted $35 for an item and even though he blocked the doorway from me exiting I walked out and he chased me down the street to sell it to me for the $5 I originally set.

By the time we all returned (or most of us anyway!) for supper, everyone was chattering excitedly about their adventures.
Tonight we packed up and prepared for our flight home.

This will be my last blog entry for our Holy Land Wanderings. Thank you all for reading and sharing in our great pilgrimage. this has been extraordinarily special to share this place and journey with so many from our church. I am blessed indeed.


  1. I can feel the adrenaline rush of haggling the price down! Did a lot of that in Nicaragua and in Ecuador at the end of some medical mission trips.

  2. Thank you for all the work that went into this blog! Informative yes, but more inspirational!

    Your Friend


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