Every Year it is the Same Battle!

As in years past, deer have found my roses, peppers, tomatoes and black-eyed susans. They are not that fond of my herbs, but really enjoy the Gerber daisies, apparently as a garnish to the potted geraniums nearby. Last weekend I saw a doe – fat and slick – languidly walking through my backyard nibbling here and there with not a worry in the world. I believe in doing my part in taking care of God’s creation, but this is starting to get ridiculous. Amy reminds me that this happens every year so why should I act so surprised. “They are just doing what deer do – eating what is available.” Well a deer is an herbivore but I am an omnivore. Apparently they seem to know I am not a hunter, because they do not seem to be threatened.

Years ago I remember hearing story about a monk rescuing a scorpion from a spider web. The monk would reach to disentangle the scorpion but would get stung in the process. Still the monk continued until finally the scorpion was set free. One of the novices asked the monk, “Why did you try to save the scorpion, when you knew it was going to sting you?” The monk replied, “It is the scorpions nature to kill; it is my nature to save.”

What is your basic nature? Deep within us all, I believe, is the need to worship. We desire transcendence in our ordinary lives and to engage in a holy “otherness.”

On Sunday when we gather to worship it is not because of a service designed to meet our needs, obligations or convenience, but an opportunity to fully express our deepest nature and longing and hunger.

A new day is dawning for our own congregation and especially for our worship. We have passionately discussed the times of our worship services, but ultimately we have come to share that when we worship is of less importance than the spirit we bring to it. It is a privilege to celebrate with this community of faith through worship.

Worship matters because it is our nature to be togehter. Furthermore, everyone who enters to worship is in effect a worship leader. This is not the domain of “professionals” or “experts” but for all of God’s people. I invite you to consider prayerfully how you will lead in worship in these Sundays ahead. Above all needs it is the common hope and desire that every worship leader bring their best offering of self.

Your presence is not only requested it is needed. After all it is our nature to worship the living God.

Grace and peace be yours,


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