Holy Land Wanderings on Wednesday


Today was our “free” day and I believe everyone spent their time well. I cannot speak for the others but I spend the day primarily by myself wandering the streets of Jerusalem. particularly in the Old City, people watching, visiting the Dome of the Rock, and revisiting several places that I wanted to learn more about. By the time we all returned (or most of us anyway!) for supper, everyone was chattering excitedly about their adventures.

Tonight it is pack up and prrepare for our flight home – and it is a doozy! Wake up call is at 1AM, coffee and danishes at 1:45, and leave our hotel no later than 2:30. We fly from Tel Aviv to Vienna, change plans and fly to Dulles, change planes again and arrive into Atlanta by 11:37pm. I hope to be home by 3 AM Friday morning. As long as we all arrive safe I will be happy -tired, but happy.

This will be my last blog entry for our Holy Land Wanderings. Thank you all for reading and sharing in our great pilgrimage. this has been extrordinarily special to share this place and journey with so many from our church. I am blessed indeed.

See you Sunday! (I will try to find my ties)



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