Rome Sabbatical – Day 21, Finito!


This is our last full day in Rome and I am almost certain my last blog entry from Rome. We decided to make it more or less a full day in the city, squeezing in a rest time in the afternoon. Speaking of rest, I look forward to sleeping in my own bed in our happily air-conditioned house! Last night was a long night with nary a breeze to stir up the disquieting quiet.

We boarded the bus to begin our trek through some of our favorite places in Rome, but first we needed a quick breakfast. In Italy a typical breakfast is a cappuccino and pastry – no bacon, eggs and certainly no grits. The four of us dined for about 7 dollars. We started our day of shopping with the Piazza of Campo de Fioro (translated it means “field of flowers” although the only flowers are the ones sold in stalls and it has not been a field in about two thousand years). At the market I bought some very pungent spices that will go well with olive oil and bread when we are settled again in Augusta. I just hope it will make it through customs. We also bought a few other things along the way that we had putting off until the last minute. In fact, most of our shopping was accomplished by wandering down alley after alley walking in stores that we thought to be interesting. By the time lunch rolled around we were all laden with small shopping bags and the satisfaction in knowing we have done our small part in helping the Italian economy.

One of my many visits to the ATM!

One of my many visits to the ATM!

After three weeks of eating pasta, pizza, insalata, and vegetables prepared in more ways than I can remember, we were too tired to think about one more Italian restaurant to try out, so we ate – are you ready for this? – at McDonalds. I don’t eat at McDonalds back home, but this decision seemed to have the support of my two boys and they have been more or less indulgent of us in all of our Roman travels. It seemed a bit wrong to be eating at McDonalds overlooking the piazza before the majestic Pantheon, but travel is filled with ironies.


On the way back to our bus we did a bit more window shopping, had some more coffee, and finally made it back to our apartment for a few hours of rest before the evening. During the “down-time” I walked back to the catacombs to pick up a few more things to remember our visit.

Very soon it was nearing suppertime and our final night in the city. We returned to one of the first restaurants we visited when we arrived. In fact we still do not know the name since the place doesn’t even have a sign, but the locals we know have recommended and we can attest that it was well worth a repeat visit. We finished our evening in my favorite piazza – Piazza Novona – with it three exquisite fountains sculpted by Bernini. While taking in the night lights of Rome we were entertained by street performers and met a young couple from Atlanta. In fact they took what I believe is the only family picture I have of all four of us together.

Thank you dear reader for indulging my ramblings as I have reflected on our time and studies in Rome. Your encouragement and feedback has been welcome. We look forward to touching ground in the grand state of Georgia. It is never far from our minds.

Peace, peace, peace,

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  1. Greg,

    I have enjoyed the blogs of your and family’s trip in Rome. It was very nice of you to take the time to inform us daily…definitely above and beyond the call of duty.

    Looking forward to your return…If your family and you are like me that would be one of the high points.


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