…All Those Tourist Covered in Oil…

The line is well known among Jimmy Buffett fans and the era of sun tan oils (as opposed to blocks, lotions and creams). Here along the Gulf Coast, however, it calls to mind other kinds of oil that we would rather not see. Happily, no oil is in site around St. George Island and the DeLoaches are enjoying spending some time with good friends along the beautiful beach. Mornings are spent planning what we are going to eat for breakfast. Near noon we are scrounging for lunch and most of the afternoon is dedicated to planning for supper. In between meal planning we are kayaking, sunning, catching up and slowing down.

We probably are not the only ones taking a little time off this summer. July is one of the busiest months for summer travel. Many in the church are “missing in action” during this month attempting to squeeze out the rest of summer since school will be starting back in just a few weeks.

I am heartened that in spite of wide-spread travel among our membership we are seeing a surge in church involvement. Choir mission trips, Vacation Bible School and Youth Camp have been some of the best ever. In a week many of our high school students will be leaving for a mission trip to Jamaica. Wonderful Wednesdays and “One-derful” Wednesdays have kept our mid week calendar full.

I state all of the above to say that I am quite encouraged by the positive spirit flowing throughout this community of faith. There is much that the recession cannot touch, including our sense of being the church in fellowship, worship and mission.

Soon the beach umbrellas will be packed away and our summer experiences will be reduced to memories and photographs. School will be back in session and old routines will be resumed. Yet we are still the church – practicing the faith Sunday to Sunday, month to month, year to year. It is good to “be” the church with you all.

This Sunday I will be rested, tanned (well maybe just a slight shade of pink) and present behind the pulpit for all three worship services. I will be sharing with you a message from Genesis 25:29-34 which is the colorful story of Jacob swindling his brother Esau out of his birthright. I hope to see you Sunday. If you are out of town, share with me about your travels, what you are seeing and if you care, send a picture or two.

Peace be with you,


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