I see Bear! (part 2)

You could say this is “Part 2” from last week’s article. We have returned from our camping trip and, as always, there are more tales to tell along the hiking trail. This time I had company – my family. It was Amy’s idea that she and the boys join me and I thought, “Wow, that’s neat. We will hike into the mountains together as a family just like they do in the movies.” I picked out a trail loop that was just under six miles and followed one of the creeks. It also had several beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Around mile two things were not going so well. Amy failed to factor in that mountain trails are, well, hilly. She was getting tired, did not bring water, and by mile four was wondering did the trail ever go down hill. She looked at me as if I designed the mountains that way on purpose.

At mile four I leaned over to Aaron and said that in a few minutes we would reach the top and then begin a rapid decent back to camp. I was planning to move ahead “double time” and fetch some water for Amy. At about the time I shared my plan a heard a bumbling commotion alongside the trail and a black blur rush by. I turned around to Amy and Clark and said “catch up with me, there is a bear.” About that time Clark was staring at the bear’s face and Amy just passed all three of us on the way back to camp.

A little motivation goes a long way!

The stock market fluctuations motivate some to spend less and save more. An illness in a family can motivate loved ones to put aside petty divisions and spend more time together. A death can motivate one to take inventory of their life.

Jesus motivated an adulterous woman by forgiveness. He motivated fisherman hungering for something bigger to go and change lives. Jesus motivated through stories, through miracles, through presence and most of all through the good news of God’s love.

What motivates you each day? How does the kingdom of God, the new order of God, motivate you to change your life and work to change the world?

Grace be with you,



  1. Didn’t you also expose your lovely wife to a snow-shoeing adventure in the Tetons? If I recall, she was extremely happy with you that time, too!

    Hope all is well with you, Amy and the boys. We miss you guys, and Abby still wants you to do her wedding.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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