Trekking to Nepal – Day 1

As much as time and WiFi connections will allow, I will be blogging about my opportunity to speak in Nepal and India. Last summer I was invited by Sam Bandella, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Field Personnel to Nepal and India to come and speak to Christian workers in both countries as well as visit several mission sites that our church helps support through the CBF.

Our flight leaves Atlanta tonight with the first leg ending in London. There we will connect and fly to New Delhi, India and will change planes one final time to fly into Kathmandu, Nepal. All total we will be traveling 25 hours to begin work in a country that is 10 hours and 45 minutes ahead of eastern time zone (I have no idea what is up with that 45 minute block but when in Kathmandu).

Milton Martin will be traveling with me and joining me on each of these mission stops. We covet your prayers throughout this time.

Click on the following link to several videos I have posted regarding our “Trek to Nepal” –  

Peace be with you and as the say in Nepal, “Namaste”,


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