Twenty-third Day of Lent: Reflections on the Cross

The Grapevine Cross

This unusual cross with its dropping arms is also known as the Georgian Cross and the Cross of St. Nino. St. Nino was the Cappadocian woman who preached Christianity in what is now the Republic of Georgia in the 4th century. She was said to have been given a cross of grapevines by Mary, the mother of Jesus. Today the relic of the cross is kept in Sioni Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Grapevine Cross is recognized as the symbol of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

“…Meanwhile, standing near the cross of Jesus was his mother…” (John 19:25)

O Lord, where will you take us today?
…Today with our burdensome schedules and appointments?
…Today full of the expectations of others?
…Today with the anxieties and fears?
Wherever you take us, keep us close to the cross that we may stay in Your protective care.

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